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Crime at Crich Event

Sat 4th September @ 11:00 am - 4:00 pm

Who stole Lady Matlock’s Necklace?

Someone has stolen Lady Matlock’s priceless diamond necklace. Can you find out who did it? Examine the crime scene and then find the clues around site. You can interview the suspects and then take your solution to the crime desk to see if you got it right.

Help Inspector Card of the Yard solve the crime. Suspects will be around the site for questioning between 11.30am and 3pm.


It is 1952 at Matlock House. Someone has stolen Lady Matlock’s precious diamond necklace. Who could have done such a terrible thing?!!

Lady Matlock has gone on holiday. A lifetime mistrust of banks has made her leave her precious diamond necklace in the care of Mrs Doughty the housekeeper. Mrs Doughty and Lady Matlock decided that the best place to hide it was not in the safe but in bottom of the plant pot in Mrs Doughty’s parlour.  This morning, Mrs Doughty invited Mr Snodgrass and Mrs Berry into the parlour for a cup of tea. The safe door was open, the plant pot broken and the diamond necklace gone. The crime scene was left exactly as it was and Snodgrass went to ring the police

Inspector Card of the Yard is here to solve the crime, but can you solve it first? Best be quick, because Lady Matlock is coming back on Monday.

Come to the Exhibition hall at 1.00 and 2.30 where Inspector Card will reveal the latest results of his investigations and the suspects will be available for questioning.

Crime at Crich outside Red Lion

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