Why not encourage the children to build a Fairy Den in your garden or on your next walk in the woods? Using the materials they could find around them, fairies will appreciate new homes.

Fairy Dens can be made anywhere and at any time of year as long as there are some natural building materials, like fallen leaves, twigs, fruits, nuts, feathers and stones.

Choose a special place to build your den. This could be among tree roots or branches, in a hollow, or in a gap in a dry stone wall. You could dedicate a corner of the garden where dens could be developed over a few weeks.

Don’t provide any materials and encourage the children to be creative – a large pebble could be a table with acorn cups and small leaf plates.

Ensure that the children don’t damage any of the trees and plants and only use materials they find on the ground.
This is a game that can last as long as the children’s interest and imagination and if the site is chosen carefully, can be visited many times.

Children learn about natural materials, life cycles and develop problem solving skills. Families can work together and you can talk about the materials you are using and help them to build a story about the fairies that are going to live in this amazing new house.

Hints and tips

• Do not let children collect fungi or poisonous berries.

• Make sure that you have anti-bacterial wipes or gel to clean their hands when they have finished.

• Remember to follow the countryside code and all the latest advice on staying safe during Corona Virus.

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