Liverpool 869


Imagine driving Liverpool 869.

There are two ways that this can be achieved, either by joining our Traffic Department as a volunteer crew member or by purchasing an ‘Ultimate Tram Driving Experience’.

Becoming a crew member could eventually lead to driving 869 which would entail a lot of commitment and learning, but also plenty of enjoyment along the way.  You would firstly have to qualify, and spend time, as a tram conductor before going on to driving school.  As a Crich qualified tram driver, you would then need to gain experience on a number of different types of tramcar before being able to train to have 869 on your licence.  For information on volunteering visit our website at: or telephone us on 01773 854321.

Big, powerful and imposing, as it is, 869 is a very forgiving tram for novice drivers, which is why it tends to be our first choice for candidates for their first ‘Ultimate Tram Driving Experience’ (many, having enjoyed themselves so much, go on to repeat the course with different trams).  For this option the website address is: or telephone 01773 854361.

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