Sheffield Transport Department No. 330

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Sheffield 330

Photo: Jim Dignan

During the early years of the electric traction era, it was normally necessary for tramway undertakings to purchase directly from the manufacturers any vehicles they required – whether passenger trams or works cars (as in the case of Cardiff 131). As time went by, however, it was common for operators to fill any gaps in their works fleet by converting redundant passenger trams, a practice that is illustrated by Sheffield 330.


Bradford 251 and 253 on Wakefield Road. H.B. Priestley, 2/7/1938.

330 began life as an open-balconied double-deck passenger tram that was built in 1919 by English Electric to the somewhat narrower 4-foot gauge for Bradford Corporation. It operated there in this guise for over twenty years as car 251 before being purchased by Sheffield Corporation in 1943 as part of a batch of 24 second-hand trams from Newcastle (14) and Bradford (10) in order to replace cars that had been destroyed or damaged in the blitz, at a time when new tramcars were impossible to come by.


Type of tram
Converted works car (formerly four-wheeled Bradford double-deck open-canopied tram no, 251)
Prussian blue and cream
Seating capacity
Date built
Manufacturer of body
English Electric
Manufacturer of truck
Brill 21E
Originally 4' but regauged to 4’ 8½” on moving to Sheffield
GE203 2 x 35 hp
Current collector

Regauged to standard gauge, open balconies enclosed, painted in wartime grey and renumbered as 330 on acquisition by Sheffield Corporation in 1943.
1951 conversion to works vehicle, by removal of top deck and stairs; fitting of water tanks in lower deck saloon; extension of vestibules further round platform; fitting of gantry tower to roof to support trolleys; replacement truck; fitting of carborundum blocks to track brakes; addition of motor coach traffic indicators.

Withdrawn from service

1943 (Bradford)
1951 withdrawn from passenger service in Sheffield.
October 1960 withdrawn as works car

Subsequent history

Converted to works car and survived till closure of the Sheffield system in 1960.

Restoration history

Extensive overhaul and restoration to operational condition over a number of years while at Crich.

Current status
Restored and maintained in operational condition. Commissioned for occasional use during the current season.
Date started operating at Crich
1986. Has operated in 10 seasons, most recently in 2014.
Total mileage covered at Crich
Current location
  • 1919 – 1942Operational on original tramway (Bradford Corporation)
  • 1942 – 1951Operational as passenger tram on Sheffield Corporation Tramways
  • 1951 – 1960Converted to and operational as works car on Sheffield Corporation Tramways
  • 1960 – 1986Undergoing restoration
  • 1986 – 1992Operational at Crich
  • 1992 – 2002In storage
  • 2002 –Occasionally operational at Crich

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