Glasgow Corporation Transport No. 22

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Glasgow 22

Photo: Jim Dignan

Glasgow 22 provides an interesting example of a traditional four wheeled tramcar, of which there are several at Crich.  Many of these (for example Chesterfield 7) were purchased ‘off the peg’ from established tramcar suppliers and received relatively little modification over the years.  Others, however, such as Glasgow 22, were built in-house by their operators and were often extensively modified over time, thereby acquiring a distinctive local ‘character’ that set them apart from those operated by other tramway undertakings.


Glasgow 22. Bob Parr, 8/8/1953

As one of Britain’s largest tramcar operators, Glasgow Corporation had extensive workshops of its own and, over time, developed a series of tramcars that – because they shared a number of distinctive features – came to be known as ‘Standards’. The Glasgow ‘Standards’ constituted one of the most numerous and successful types of tramcar in the country, the 1,000 or so examples of which were exceeded only by London Transport’s E/1 design.

Although the design of Glasgow’s double deck Standards can be traced back to the origins of the system in 1898, the process involved an ongoing programme of modification and rebuilding, latterly (in Glasgow) to emulate improvements in the design of the bus fleets that provided a constant challenge for all tramway operators.


Type of tram
Double deck, open balcony, vestibuled four-wheel electric tramcar
Orange and cream with white route colour band
Seating capacity
62 (24 down, 38 up)
Date built
Manufacturer of body
Glasgow Corporation
Manufacturer of truck
Brill 21E type (manufactured by Brush)
Original: 4’ 7¾” Current: 4’ 8½”
MV101DR 2 x 60 hp
GEC Traction CDB2
Current collector
Trolley Pole (Fixed head)

Modifications including enclosed ends, upholstered seating, air brakes and high speed motors on roller bearings.

Withdrawn from service

End of 1960

Subsequent history

It survived as a depot shunter at Maryhill depot

Restoration history

Largely restored to its original 1922 condition, though retaining its final truck and motors. The original storm covers on the top of the stairs have not been refitted.
A substantial overhaul was carried out in the mid-1980s (completed by 18 April 1987) in preparation for service at the Glasgow Garden Festival in 1988.
Motors overhauled and repainted in 2015.

Current status
Restored and operational. Commissioned for service during the current season.
Date started operating at Crich
1964. Has operated in 53 seasons, including 2023.
Total mileage covered at Crich
Current location
  • 1922 – 1960Fully operational on original tramway
  • 1960 – 1962Relegated to shunting duties
  • 1962 – 1964Undergoing restoration
  • 1964 – c1985Operational at Crich
  • c1985 – 1987Undergoing restoration
  • 1988 – 1988Operational at Glasgow Garden Festival
  • 1989 –Operational at Crich

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