Croydon Tramlink 058 and flat bed trailer 061

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Photo: Jim Dignan

The youngest vehicle in the museum’s collection is not, technically, a ‘historical artefact’ in the sense that most of its tramcars are; nor is it, even, a tramway vehicle at all in terms of its origins.  Nevertheless, it is a very useful addition to its fleet of operational vehicles.

In fact, works tram 058 and its trailer 061 are the only representatives of a second generation tramway to have found a home at Crich to date, though their connection with Croydon’s Tramlink was both tenuous and short-lived.  Both vehicles were designed and built in 1978 for the German state railway company Deutsche Bahn, which operated them as general purpose track construction and railway maintenance vehicles.  They were originally numbered DB Netz 53 0692 and 0692-3 respectively.

Unlike most other vehicles in the museum’s fleet, Tramlink 058 is powered by a four- stroke diesel engine with mechanical transmission powering the two axles.  This enables it to operate at a maximum permissible speed of 70 km per hour.  The ‘tractor’ unit is equipped with a hydraulic ‘Atlas’ crane, which is powered by the unit’s engine.  This enables heavy and awkward loads to be lifted and moved with precision.  Other attachments can also be fitted to such vehicles, such as weed control equipment.  It has a ventilated weather-proof cab that provides accommodation for a crew of six.

The accompanying flat bed trailer offers a large payload.  Moreover, the specially recessed design of the ‘engine’ compartment enables even long materials such as rails to be transported.  This makes it an ideal construction and maintenance vehicle for railway or tramway undertakings.


Type of tram
Motorised construction and maintenance works car with ‘Atlas’ crane and accompanying four-wheel flat-bed trailer
Originally yellow; currently ‘London Transport’ red.
Seating capacity
Cab unit has space for crew of six
Date built
Manufacturer of body
Sollinger Hutte
Manufacturer of truck
4’ 8½”
6-cylinder V diesel air-cooled engine with 5-speed power transmission
Current collector

Originally built for Deutsche Bahn and carried the numbers DB Netz 53 0692 and 0692-3 respectively. Hydraulic clutch fitted (year unknown)
Air operated hand brake fitted
Safety interlocks fitted to prevent vehicle movement when crane in use
Halogen headlights fitted
Brake lights fitted
Automatic changeover of headlights/tail lights
Four internal seats removed
Dash panel and gauges/ switches modified
Digital voltmeter fitted to monitor battery condition (The dates on which the above modifications took place are not known)

Withdrawn from service


Subsequent history

Sold to Croydon Tramlink in 2006 together with flat bed truck; renumbered 058 and 061 and given London Transport red livery. Repainted in green after Tramlink was taken over by Transport for London in 2008. Sold to Crich Tramway Museum in 2009, arriving on 19th January 2010.

Restoration history

Overhauled in 2006. Re-gauged and wheels re-profiled in 2010
Larger (30 Amp) alternator and 225 A/H batteries fitted to accommodate additional electrical load/ infrequent use (2016)
Replacement clutch fitted in 2017.

Current status
Maintained in operational condition and commissioned for service during the current season.
Date started operating at Crich
2017. Has operated briefly in three seasons, most recently in 2022.
Total mileage covered at Crich
Current location
Central stub of depot fan
  • 1978 – 2005Operational on original railway
  • 2006 – 2009Operational intermittently at Croydon Tramlink
  • 2010 – 2017Undergoing modifications and adaptations for use at Crich
  • 2017 –Operational at Crich

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