Making Cats or Owls

You will need:

  • Toilet roll middles or thick paper (A5 is a good size to start with)
  • Felt pens and/or paints
  • Glue or sticky tape or masking tape or a stapler


Cat and Owl Picture

As you can see from the above, this craft is very adaptable to what you may have around.

If you are using paper (the size of your paper determines the size of the finished cat or owl) form into a tube and stick, tape or staple.

Pinch the top of the tube in the middle, stick, tape or staple and cut the shape (see photo) to form the ears. If you are using toilet roll middles, pinch the top in the middle, stick, tape or staple to form the ears.

Decorate using paint and/or felt pens. Extra detail can be added with googly eyes, tissue paper, yarn, etc. There are no rules!

If you prefer to make other characters – simply adapt the final design, like the samples below.

Star Wars Picture

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