During our closed season between November 2019 and March 2020 our Facilities team of staff and volunteers, supported by external contractors, undertook replacement of 360 metres of trackwork along the section of double track known as the Bandstand Curves. In total our team successfully installed 500 replacement hardwood sleepers and 40 lengths of new rail, laid on a fresh foundation comprising 790 tonnes of recycled track ballast. Connecting the rails required 200 sets of new fishplate nuts, bolts and fittings. Traction current is now returned by over 200m of fresh bonding cabling.

Track work on the bandstand curves - post fund raising

Thank you to all those who generously supported the project by making a donation or sponsoring a sleeper for £100. You have raised £10,551 towards the project including Gift Aid, which has made a massive difference to the Museum. The names of those who supported the project are published below, although some have opted to remain anonymous.

Mr. Martin Buckland
Mr. Philip Bannister
Mr. John Black
Mr. Malcolm John Blunden
Mr. Robert Burrows
Mr. John Burton
Mr. John Carroll
Dr. John Chambers
Mr. Roger Cobbe
Mr. Stuart Cooke
Mr. Ian Dendy
Mr. Anthony Depledge
Mr. Keith Leslie Eden
Mr. Charles Philip Graham
Mr. Denis William Hawkins
Mr. Dan Heeley
Mr. Christoph Heuer
Mr. John Holt
Mrs. Beryl MacEwan and family (in memory of Lennox MacEwan)
Mr. Simon Merivale
Mr. Roger Michael
Mr. Ken Middleton
Mr. Stephen John Oliver
Mr. Douglas Passell (on behalf of Noah Passell and Dylan Passell)
Mrs. Margery Helen Poole
Mr. Frederick Skinner
Mr. Derek Smith
Mr. Nigel Walker
Mr. David Waters
Master Logan Waters
Mr. Neil White
Mr. Andrew John Willis
Mr. John Wood

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