We are absolutley delighted to say that as part of our TMS 60 event on Saturday 19th September, our Library staff and volunteers, will be back with their ‘BIG BOOK SALE’.

We took a year off last year from doing book sales, as the Library staff and volunteers were busy helping with other tasks during some of our events. Perhaps some of you joined us for our highlights from the collection, at our Best of Sheffield and Electric 50 events, or listened to the commentary that accompanied the cavalcades both days of Electric 50.

We decided however it was time to bring back our BIG BOOK SALE, as having taken a year off, we had once again managed to accumulate a rather larger surplus stock of books and journals.

For anyone who doesn’t know, these book and journals are all from donations or bequests that have been given to the Museum. All incoming donations are sorted and processed by the Library team, to check what items are required for the collections, however as is pretty inevitable we end up quite often with large piles of books and journals that we don’t need because we already have them.

We’ll usually try to find new home for some of them, where we think other organisations will be able to benefit from them, but this still leaves us with a large pile of items. We ask our donors if they are happy, that anything not needed for the collection, might be sold at one of our book sales, with the money raised coming back into the Library to care for the collections.

We’ve been working hard throughout the year to sort out all the books, and we have a brand new list of books and journals that we are going to be selling during our TMS 60 event. Prices range from £1.00 – £50.00 with the books and all journals are a standard 50p each.

The booksale is a great opportunity to pick up a bargain, possibly find that book you’ve been after for a while as its now out of print, or possibly just find something that tells you a bit about your home towns tramway history.

The Library team will be based in the Great Exhibition Hall, between 10am – 4pm on Saturday 19th September, we hope to see lots of you there, and hope that we can tempt you with something from our stall.

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