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Online Catalogue

New Online Catalogue

Over the last couple of months work has been undertaken to complete the replacement of the old online databases with a brand new catalogue which will allow users to search all of the Museum's collections that are currently available to access online.

The catalogue looks a bit different to the old databases, but now allows you to do combined searches rather than having to go back and forth between multiple databases.

If you use the simple search tool, this searches for items in the collection based on that word being in the title field on the catalogue. This may not bring back all the items which you might be looking for. We would recommend trying the advanced or expert search features as these will allow you to search by Subject and Title words, as well as other fields such as Author.

If at any point whilst using the catalogue you need help, click the blue question mark symbol in the upper right corner. This will open a help feature which explains features of the catalogue.

Click here for the online catalogue.

We hope you find the new catalogue more user friendly. We would appreciate any comments you might have on how the catalogue is working and whether you're having any difficulties using it. If you would like to give us some feedback then send us an email using our online enquiry form.

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